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Find the Electra Mobility App on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Once the Electra Mobility App has been downloaded, you will need to create an Electra Mobility Account. Enter your telephone number and complete the verification process.

Once completed, you are now one step closer to accessing our maps, available vehicles and exclusive deals.

Enter your payment details for ongoing billing or add one-time funds to your virtual wallet.

Now that your Electra Mobility Account has been successfully set up, you can now locate an Electra Scooter.

Once you have found your desired Electra Scooter, scan the QR code located on the left handle of the Electra Scooter using the Electra Mobility App.

When finishing your ride on an Electra Scooter, ensure your vehicle is in an approved parking zone found within the Electra Mobility App.

Once in an approved parking zone, end your Electra Scooter ride using the Electra Mobility App.


It is best practice to inspect your Electra Scooter before starting your journey. You should always keep an eye out for any missing parts or damage to your Electra Scooter.

Of course, if you do spot an issue, please report it to the Electra Team and use another nearby Electra Scooter.

If this is your first ride on an Electra Scooter, we highly recommend you begin your trip in a quiet area. This will allow you to get comfortable with the throttle and brakes.

Remember, green is for go and red is for stop! You also have access to a manual brake on each Electra Scooter.

Always abide by the local traffic laws. 

Specifically, we suggest you always use bike lanes where available and sidewalks where permitted. You must always yield for pedestrians. Be cognizant of traffic signs and ride in the direction of traffic.

We strongly suggest you wear a helmet when riding an Electra Scooter.

Furthermore, we ask that you remain alert to traffic conditions by not wearing headphones when riding and keeping both hands on the handles at all times.

Never carry a passenger with you on an Electra Scooter nor ride under the influence.

Always ensure your Electra Scooter is parked in an upright position at a parking zone found in the Electra Mobility App.

Never park your Electra Scooter in a location that would hinder pedestrians or vehicles.


Electra Mobility provides a platform for electric scooter sharing across the Cayman Islands, paving the way for affordable, environmentally friendly transportation, where and when you need it.

Visit the Google Play Store on your Android device or the iOS App Store on your Apple device and search for Electra Mobility.

Opening the Electra Mobility App should automatically lead you to the Map. If not, open the side menu and select Map.

Once you have located an Electra scooter, open the Electra Mobility App and tap Unlock.

You can then scan the QR code located on the left handlebar of the Electra Scooter.

When available, it is always suggested to use bike lanes. Otherwise, ride along the curb of the road. Always pay attention to your surroundings and obey the traffic laws.

In the Electra Mobility App, you will notice areas that are permitted to ride in and those that are not. If you enter an un-permitted zone, the Electra Scooter will alarm and come to a stop until you return to a permitted zone.

You will find designated parking zones within the Electra Mobility App. Always park your Electra Scooter in an upright position, with the kickstand in the down position. 

Do not block sidewalks or emergency lanes with your Electra scooter.

$1 to unlock, 0.40c per minute thereafter.

Pricing depends on your location and the time of year. For the most accurate pricing, check the Electra Mobility App.

Before you can unlock and ride an Electra Scooter, you must enter payment details in the Electra Mobility App.

You can also add funds to your virtual wallet in the Electra Mobility App which can be used for future trips.

When in an active session, open the Electra Mobility App and select End Ride. You must be standing next to the Electra Scooter to be able to end your ride. This will ensure the location of the Electra Scooter is correct and complete your transaction. 

You must ensure that your ride successfully ended. Until your ride has ended, you remain responsible for all charges incurred.




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